The Friday Five!

1. I am starting this entry at 7:39am, fully knowing that I will probably finish it around 3:30. In the time between, I’ll be adding to/editing it from my car as I sit in front of preschool, in the Whole Foods parking lot, and my office. This is how I blog lately. Writing I have to be in one place, or at least ideally, and I can’t do it in five or ten minute increments. I just don’t ever hit that point where it’s actually happening otherwise. But blogging is different. Like Twitter, it can be bits and starts. I’m sitting here, explaining this to you, as my daughter is literally PULLING me away from my laptop because she wants me to go play upstairs. It’s no wonder I feel like I have no actual attention span anymore. Who has time for that? In related news, I’m going upstairs now.

2. Now it’s 10:57, and my whole day’s gone askew because my kid’s sorta stuffy nose blew up into a full fledged cold JUST before we left for preschool. So now I have no idea how this blog entry is going to get done, because I lost three hours of time. Oh, well. So it goes. Motherhood has taught me a lot of things, but being flexible (or trying to be flexible) is probably the biggest. I used to have all day and still complain about not having enough time, so it’s not like everything’s changed. I managed to have an important business conversation WHILE playing princesses today, which was a mean feat, if I do say so myself. But not something I try to do on a regular basis. No point in pushing my luck.

3. Okay, now it’s 12:37. (Just keeping you updated.) Most of you have probably already heard the GREAT news about the Veronica Mars movie. Thanks to a great pitch on Kickstarter (you can watch it here) Rob Thomas, the creator, managed to raise the 2 million he was aiming for IN ONE DAY. Longtime readers of this blog (and you guys know who you are: you remember my Livejournal) know how I was obsessed with this show back when it was on. It was creative and funny and smart and just flat-out awesome. I mourned when it was canceled, my grieving only abated by the hope that maybe there MIGHT be a movie someday. And now there will be! Let the speculation about plot and script begin. All I am saying is that I REALLY hope Max Greenfield, who was on VM and now plays Schmidt on New Girl, makes an appearance. That would be nirvana for me.

4. 1:02. (This one and the preceding I am writing between bites of lunch, and thanks to the TV show Franklin, which is keeping my kid occupied between bouts of whining.) On the reading front, this week I started THE CRANES DANCE by Meg Howrey, which has been on my To Read list for ages. It’s a novel about two sisters who are ballerinas, competitive, and very different, and so far I’m loving it. The voice is REALLY original, and I love all the behind the scenes stuff about the ballet world, from mangled toes to all the parts of Swan Lake. On audio, I finished Domenica Ruta’s memoir WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, which is about her relationship with her dysfunctional mom, and how it led to her own addictions. Very compelling. I’m about to start listening to Piper Kerman’s ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, which is soon going to be a Showtime series by Jenji Kohan, who made Weeds. So I am excited about that. Plus I still haven’t even CRACKED the Vanity Fair with Taylor Swift on the cover yet. Again: no time!

5. 3:04 pm. Lastly, it’s been a stressful week around here concerning my little rooster Frank, who has been ailing. Regular readers will remember that Frank and I have a BIT of a tense relationship: he’s kind of like Cato to my Clouseau, if you remember the old Pink Panther movies. He’s my nemesis, but in a fond sort of day. (You can see proof in the videos I put up of us waging battle, which are here and here.) Anyway, Frank is a total prickly pear, but he’s OUR prickly pear, and a few weeks back something (a possum? raccoon?) got into his cage, scrapped with him, and messed up his leg. He’s not been right since. He can’t stand up on his own and got totally weak, which was hard to see considering how tough he normally is. My husband and his co-worker Will have been nursing him back to health, carrying him out gently each morning and propping him next to the food, then returning him to the coop in the evening. And he DOES seem to be getting better, although he still can’t get around at all. We’re hoping it’s just an injury and not permanent, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll forever blame myself for kicking/nudging him when he was coming at me, even though my husband swears it had nothing to do with it. Still, though. STILL.

Whew! Blog post done. See, and it only took eight hours! THIS is why I worry I can’t keep this blog going much longer, or may have to switch over to a smaller Tumblr one. But I can’t worry about that, because my kid is whining and the phone is ringing. So, later. Maybe?

Have a good weekend, everyone!