The Friday Five!

1. This was the week that WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE came out in paperback!

What Happened to Goodbye paperback cover

It was a very exciting day on Tuesday when the book hit stores. People were tweeting me pics of the displays, which was awesome, and my lovely publisher sent me a box of macarons that were SO FREAKING AMAZING. (I had never had a macaron before. I thought they were the same thing as macaroons, the coconut desserts, but they are NOT. I had a salted caramel one and it basically changed my life. But I digress.) And now, starting on Tuesday, I’ll be doing a book tour to support the paperback. This is my first paperback tour EVER, plus I am doing school visits, which I haven’t done in ages. (You can see the dates and stops here.) So it will be crazy busy, with visits in the morning and bookstore events in the evening and very early morning flights and a different city every day and and….BREATHE. Plus it’s going to be the longest I’ve ever been away from my kid. So if you come out and see me and I’m a little tired looking, be kind. Please?

2. Also this week, this happened:

photo (18)

I have to back up a little bit. Back when I was in college, People magazine was my biggest indulgence. I saved up all week so I could buy the latest issue, then would sit down and read it cover to cover while eating a box of Super Snax, my favorite snack mix. (Just writing that, I am now CRAVING Super Snax. I wonder if they still make it? Hmmm.) I always wanted to subscribe to People but it was REALLY expensive for me at the time. Anyway, fast forward to this weekend, when people began tweeting me pics of this full page ad for my books in the latest issue. It blew my MIND. I mean, all those years ago, stuffing my face with snack mix, I NEVER would have imagined that someday I’d see my books in the same publication. It’s just insane. But in the best, most wonderful way.

3. Also this week, I did my last Twitter chat for #readpenguin. There were three in all, each on a Thursday night. Because we happen to have a Thursday night sitter, and I was not about to give up that opportunity, I did each of the chats at one of my favorite restaurants, City Kitchen. They have super fast internet there (yay!) and incredible pizza (double yay!) so it was a total win-win. My babysitter Bianca, who also works there, was very kind about letting me work from her table. So anyway, last night, for the full-hour chat, I got there only to find there was a big charity event happening, complete with a fashion show. The runway was right by our table! So there I am, madly tweeting and trying to eat bites of pizza while models posed right beside me. It was so surreal. Almost as weird as the People magazine thing. Plus, it totally made me think of That Summer and Just Listen and the Lakeview Models. Worlds colliding! Whoa.

4. This week also involved another milestone: I enrolled my kid in kindergarten. I showed up at her future school with all my forms, met the principal and the nurse, and filled everything out. Then, I went out to my car and cried. I am SUCH a sap. But OH MY GOD how is it possible that she is already going to start Real School? I feel like I was just swaddling her and giving her a pacifier. It totally made me feel sorry I hadn’t had another baby, just so that part wouldn’t be totally over for good. But then, the next day, she threw an EPIC tantrum about what she wouldn’t wear to school, going all Diva on me, and I thought, “Nope, I think I’m good.” So there’s that. But still: kindergarten? *sniffles*

5. Finally, Spring has finally sprung around here, and you know what that means: chickens. Okay, maybe not for everyone, but for us, when the weather turns nice, we start thinking about poultry. It’s that time, when we need to add to our flock, which is good because our little chickens are dwindling quick. First, my frenemy Frank, YouTube star, passed away, which was heartbreaking. Then we lost another one unexpectedly the other day. We’re down to three, and it’s getting harder and harder to explain to my kid why everyone is suddenly going to heaven en masse. Of course, things are hectic enough without adding MORE animals to the mix, but we don’t like things dull around here. Apparently. My husband was musing about getting some black australorps this morning, and I fully expect that when I return home in a few hours he will have acquired some. Well, at least it’s never dull. And look how pretty they are!

Have a great weekend, everyone!