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As I sit here, this is what I hear from downstairs.

Jingle. Jangle. Then, a prolonged silence. Which I notice, because it’s when things get quiet that I start to worry. Just as I’m about to get up and walk over to look down and see what’s happening, there’s an explosion of barking. (From the puppy: excited, let’s play! yapping. From Scout, my older dog: disgusted snarling.) Then, it’s quiet again.

Jingle. Jangle. He’s totally stalking her, I can tell just by listening. He’s creeping around, sneaking up on her, and then he just runs right at her head, yelping, smacking her around the face and eyes with his paws.

And this goes on. And on. Will I ever have a moment’s peace to start writing again???
Sometimes, I wonder….