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Just got my author’s copies of This Lullaby: 25 free, all mine! (Yes, it’s true: after the comps, you do have to pay for your own book. But you get a great discount.) I lugged the box inside from the UPS guy (my dogs were attacking the door) and almost threw my back out in the process. (It’s kind of a big book, and twenty five to a box…you understand.)

Before I sold That Summer I always dreamed about the day I’d rip open a box and see finished copies of my book staring up at me. You’d think that by this one the thrill would have waned, but you’d be wrong. It’s still pretty damn exciting.

Also from the UPS man: Dreamland, the German edition. The cover is a girl piecing a picture back together. Can’t read a word of it, so I’ll just assume they didn’t change any major plot points…..