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Another review, this time from Kirkus: (and courtesy of

Not every high-school senior gets to plan her mother’s fifth wedding the week after graduation, but then, not everybody has a mother who is a famous romance novelist either. Remy is not the average grad heading off to college at Stanford; she’s perfectly organized, neat, tidy, on time, and boy-smart, having learned from her mother’s experiences that commitments are too risky to take. This summer will be her usual: a receptionist job at Jolie Salon, nightly gatherings with her three girlfriends at the Quik Zip and music clubs, and a temp boyfriend, no strings attached. Mom’s #5 is the owner of Don Davis Motors whom she met when she went to buy a new car. Ironically, it was in Don’s showroom that Remy met Dexter, the antithesis of her usual guy: clumsy, messy, impetuous, and persistent, but, worst of all, a musician. Despite her own rules about boys, Remy finds herself drawn to Dexter, but her feelings and trust in him crumble when his band, Truth Squad, plays “This Lullaby”-her song, emotional crutch, and the only gift from the father she never knew. Written for her by her hippie, songwriter father, Husband #1, when he disappeared from her life, the now-famous song echoes the sentiment that he-and men-will always let you down. As her mom’s latest marriage dissolves in a puddle of deceit, bad cliches, and cans of Ensure, Remy caves in to her own subverted emotions. Remy’s voice rings true with realistic dialogue and emotional traumas. Insightful writing, distinctive characters, and a contemporary scene where sex and music rule, compose a melody worth reading. (Fiction. YA)

And now, a true confession: I must get back to the Laverne and Shirley retrospective. In these few minutes I’ve been upstairs, my husband has seized the remote and changed it to the Discovery channel……