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Does anyone else have the occasional epiphany at the post office?

Okay, maybe not. But there’s something about me and the P.O.: every time I go there, I get stuck in the longest line possible. No matter if seconds earlier, there’s been no one in the entire place. The second I pull in the parking lot, presto-chango, instant crowds.

But back to my epiphany. This morning I was in this hugely long line that was moving way slowly, for two reasons: one of the two clerks working (other windows closed, naturally) was moving at sloth-like speed: I was getting sleepy just watching him. The other factor was a woman at the second window who was getting package weighed under every possible rate to see which was cheapest. I’m surprised her back didn’t just burst into flames from all the annoyed looks shot her way.

Anyway, there I am in line, and because this is a friendly sort of town in which I live, the girl in front of me sighs loudly, then rolls her eyes, and says aloud, “God, I gave myself an hour to run all my errands, but now it looks like I’ll just be here the whole time.” To which I replied, “Oh, it’s me. I’m a total jinx. If I’m here, the line is long.” She smiled and I went back to staring at the phone cards, thinking this was the end of our exchange. But no. Instead, she then proceeded to tell me pretty much her entire life story. Like how she was finishing up her Master’s, and about to move to Greenville to work at Pitt Memorial, because she has this internship, and then she’s going to Washington, but today she still has to go get her immunization records from the university AND pick up her boss for a meeting. I mean, this girl was TALKING.

Now. It is a true fact that I share too much. Anyone who has ever met me can tell you that. But today I realized that while I have always felt bad about this personal attribute, it could be much, much worse. All I could think was that to this girl, I was the quiet type. (Little does she know.) And it was kind of nice, actually, that at any given moment on any given day, you can be any given type. If only for as long as it takes to move through a line.

That’s all for Deep Thoughts, I promise. At least for today….