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Don’t you hate that End of Vacation-Sunday-Have To Start A New Week Too Soon feeling?

Me too.

I’m back from the beach. And for the most part, we had a great time. There was the little matter of our Oceanfront View, however: due to a beach reconstruction project, it looked like this:

Yep. Those are bulldozers. And huge metal pipes. Sort of ruins the look, doesn’t it? But some PR person was earning their money this weekend. When we checked in they handed us a cheerful little bucket with a shovel in it, as well as a note that said how lucky we were that this was happening, because so many unusual shells were washing up on the beach. Never mind the constant drone of machinery (all night long! really) and the fact that for a short period of time we couldn’t even GET to the beach. No, no. It’s all about the shells!

It really wasn’t so bad. It’s just that I’m somewhat cursed when it comes to planning vacations. I have great hopes every time, but something always goes wrong. Last year, hours before we headed off to Vegas, my husband came down with the flu. Being sick at home sucks: being sick in the desert, in Vegas, was horrible. I mean, Vegas is too much even when you’re in perfect health. And then this.

The above picture was the first day we got there. That night, there was a terrible thunderstorm. Torrential rain. We were at this restaurant and couldn’t even get out to the car because of the lightning. One of the valets was running across the parking lot when a bolt hit a transformer and sent sparks everywhere. The valets were totally soaked and totally into it. So I had to take a picture.

The rest of the vacation was big fun. We ate a lot, walked on the beach, and went to karaoke in the hotel bar. There were these really drunk girls there (drunk and karaoke: who knew?) as well as this thirteen year old girl who sang Sweet Child Of Mine at the top of her lungs, screaming into the microphone. It was really something.

The sun came out this morning. But then it was time for us to go. I took one last long walk on the beach, jumping the pipes. It was still pretty freaking beautiful.

All in all, a good trip. That’s the end of the vacation pics, except for this last one featuring my husband: his first appearance in my livejournal. (And yes, I did ask permission.)

I’m already thinking ahead to our next trip. Third time’s the charm, right?