The Friday Five!

1. Full confession: I am writing much of this Five on Thursday night, because I just KNOW how nuts this week has been and I expect nothing less from Friday tomorrow. Also, my kid is actually ENTERTAINING HERSELF (I know!) so I better make the best of it while it lasts. We had so much crazy happening here this week. My daughter got sick, with only two weeks of precious preschool left. Our dishwasher, the old soldier, finally gave up the ghost after 13 years of service. Plus my husband was getting ready to leave for the track, with me left in charge of the child, dogs and chickens, including our littlest ones, who apparently keep escaping. Uh-oh. I’ll let this GIF that was made this week for me by Twitter friend and follower Haley sum it up:

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

2. I also realized that week that even though I have been talking about it here nonstop and on Twitter pretty relentlessly, there are still some people out there that didn’t realize I have a new book coming out next month. (I know: you are NOT these people. But bear with me, I have to do this.) Anyway, we have a new listing put together of all my tour dates so far, along with the links for each store. Some of the events are ticketed ones, so be sure to find out what’s planned for YOUR place before you go. Here’s the updated list:

New York, New York

Barnes & Noble – Union Square, 33 E 17th St – Thursday, May 30, 7 pm (This is a group event: see more below in #3!) 


Durham, NC

The Regulator – 720 Ninth St – Monday, June 3, 7 pm


Washington DC

Politics and Prose – Great Hall, Martin Luther King Jr. Public Library

901 G St., NW– Tuesday, June 4, 7 pm


Natick, MA

Wellesley Books – The Morse Institute Library, 14 E Central St –

Wednesday, June 5, 7 pm


Houston, TX

Blue Willow Bookstore – West Houston Community Center, 725 Bateswood –

Thursday, June 6, 7 pm


Cincinnati, OH

Joseph-Beth Booksellers – 2692 Madison Rd – Friday, June 7, 7 pm


Boise, ID

Hastings – 7500 Fairview Ave – Saturday June 8, 3 pm

Does not appear to have event listings


Pleasanton, CA

Towne Center Books – 555 Main Street – Sunday, June 9, 2 pm


San Francisco, CA

Books Inc. – Opera Plaza, 601 Van Ness – Monday, June 10, 7 pm


Cary, NC

Barnes & Noble – 760 SE Maynard – Wednesday, June 12, 7 pm


Raleigh NC

Quail Ridge Books & Music – 3522 Wade Ave – Wednesday, June 26, 7 pm


Falmouth, MA

Eight Cousins Bookstore – 189 Main Street – Tuesday, July 23rd, 3 pm

Not listed yet

For you booksellers, I’ll also be at BEA signing on Saturday, June 1st. And we’re in the process of adding a date in Asheville at Malaprops, one of my favorite NC stores, later in the summer. Stay tuned!

3. So I was already SUPER excited about my trip to NYC for BEA in a couple of weeks, for lots of reasons. First, BEA is a great convention for booksellers and publishing folks and anyone who works with books, so it’s always a blast. I haven’t been since two years ago, when I got to speak at the Children’s Breakfast and met Julianne Moore. Oh, did I mention that?

julianne moore

I think I might have.

Anyway, I knew I was signing books on Saturday June 1st AND going to a super fun party my publisher was throwing the night before. THEN I got invited to a party where, no joke, I think there might be celebrities. YIKES! It’s on Thursday night, the 30th, so I was already obsessing about what to wear (don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, but also want to look cute, you know the drill) and everything else, like what if I see a Real Housewife? (I have it on good authority a few of them were at this party last year). Anyway, I was pumped. THEN I found out  that the very same night, but later, I had been invited to be part of a super rock star YA panel at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square with Rick Yancey, Andrea Cremer, Marie Lu AND Richelle Mead. I mean, hello! I am not sure how I ended up on this panel as these people are SUPERSTARS but I am going to keep quiet and hope nobody notices the error. So I get to (maybe) see celebs AND do an event at this awesome star with rock star writers, all on the same day? There is not enough punctuation to convey my excitement. Seriously. I won’t even try. *squeals*

4. In other news, tonight is the series finale of The Office. Regular readers of this blog remember when I first discovered this show on DVD, then got totally hooked. The Jim and Pam romance, as it built, just about killed me (in a good way). I will admit to not watching AS devotedly the last year or so, but only because we’ve stopped watching a LOT of things because we go to bed so early. (It’s not you, TV shows, it’s my early-rising kid.) But I’ve been tuning in the last four or so eps, as well as watching older ones on my DVDs and I know I will be WRECKED at the ending, even if it’s so well done. I just don’t do well with finales. I hate saying goodbye! At least I know I am not alone:

(images from Television Without Pity, thank you!)

Edit: Okay, it’s Friday morning now, and I DID watch The Office retrospective AND finale. And I cried. I think I’m going to miss Jim and Pam, and everyone else, a lot more than I thought I would.

5. As I said, I’m picking up this Five on Friday morning, around 8am, which is total meltdown time around here. My kid needs to go to preschool in a half hour, the dogs are barking, and I’m trying to juggle it all along with breakfast and blogging and everything else. I can VAGUELY remember a time when my mornings were leisurely, just me eating my breakfast and watching GMA while my older animals (now passed) snoozed peacefully at my feet. But it was long ago. Now, mornings are like being shot out of a cannon, and the day pretty much follows suit. Plus, my husband is away, so tag-teaming isn’t even an option. The bottom line is right now, I am SO APPRECIATIVE of my husband and all he did, and is going to do in a couple of weeks, while I do book tour. I love my job and love meeting my readers, but the flip side is someone has to hold down this crazy fort. Two weeks from today I’ll be waking up in NYC, starting up BEA and then the tour the next week. But for today, as crazy as it is, I am glad I am here doing my part while HE gets a much deserved break. Even if my kid is jumping on her trampoline and I’m still mourning the loss of my butterfly Havaiana flipflops, which puppy Goose got when I had my back turned. (They were silver. I loved them.) It takes a village. Sometimes, and in our case, a small city. But even in the midst of chaos, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although a bit more sleep might be nice.

Have a great weekend, everyone!