The Friday Five!

1. I’m starting this Five on Thursday morning, as I am en route to the airport. I’m going to New York for BookExpo America, the big publishing convention that is always tons of fun. And hectic. Which is why I think tomorrow, when I am scheduled basically from 10am until I go to bed, will NOT be the ideal time to be trying to blog. Just a hunch. Once I get to NYC today, I’m going to a fancy party (thrown by People magazine, OMG, regular readers KNOW how excited/nervous/insanely neurotic I am to be invited)  and then to the great panel I am a part of at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. Before I do any of that,  however, I have to go to the Disney Store in Times Square, because I promised my kid I would. Have you been to this store? Even for Times Square, it’s intense. My teeth start chattering from all the stimulation. The things I do to go out of town, I swear.

2. Speaking of my kid, I totally put her through the ringer this week. First, on Tuesday, we went in for her kindergarten shots. I didn’t tell her about this until we were almost at the doctor’s, which was good because she immediately burst into tears. Luckily it was only two, and they did them quick. A trip to Target and all was forgiven. (Yes, I  too am sensing a parenting pattern here.) Then yesterday, it was the dentist to get a cavity filled. This was NOT quick and we both cried. I actually broke a sweat, it was that traumatic. And yes, I MIGHT have taken her to the toy store afterwards. Hopefully we are in the clear now for a little while. I don’t think my wallet (or our house, bursting with STUFF) can take any more appointments.

3. Of course, I am already a nervous wreck even without all this, because, you know, MY BOOK COMES OUT ON TUESDAY. Oh, my goodness. I’m so scared and ready, all at once. These last couple of weeks, waiting for the pub date and all this traveling to begin, have been excruciating. I kept trying to put it into words, without any luck, until I remembered going to marathons with my husband and watching all the runners in the last few minutes before the start. Everyone’s been training forever, and people are just waiting, jumping up and down, stretching, SO ready to just DO THIS. That’s how I feel right now. Like that starting gun can’t fire soon enough. Thank goodness I am going to do some work stuff right now or I might just explode. Nobody wants that.

4. Okay, so now I’m in NYC and it’s Friday. It’s like time travel! Anyway, so far my trip here has been AMAZING. I got here yesterday, then immediately went to brave the Disney store (see Bribery of my Child for various things, above). I tweeted I was en route there, then did a little browsing before I bumped into Jaclyn and her mom, who were in the area, follow me on Twitter, and came to say hello. They were headed to my panel that night at the B&N Union Square, but we got to hang out a bit in the Monsters Univeristy section of the Disney Store anyway. Then I did my shopping, scoring some plush Princesses for my daughter and a Phineas and Ferb playset for me and my husband. (We can’t wait to set Doofenschmirtz up in the dollhouse with Aurora.) Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the People mag party. I was nervous about my outfit:

photo (2)

But my friend Jenny Han gave it a thumbs up, so I went for it.

Because of my panel, I could only stay at the People mag party for about a half hour, which I spent scoping for famous people. I saw Elizabeth Gilbert of EAT, PRAY, LOVE and Melissa Joan Hart. But the biggest score for me was meeting amazing author Jami Attenberg, whose book THE MIDDLESTEINS was one of the best I’ve read in ages:

photo (1)

I was nervous. But she was SO nice. If you don’t follow her on Twitter (@jamiattenberg) you are missing out. Then it was OFF in a mad dash (car ride) to the B&N, where I had a great time talking with Richelle Meade, Andrea Cremer, Rick Yancey and Marie Lu in front of about 350 of our best friends. Thank you to ALL that came out. You guys rock. Then I went back to my hotel, ordered a burger, and basically fell asleep while eating. No pictures of that. You’re welcome.

5. And now, it’s Friday, and I’ve spent a lot of the day dealing with my website, which is either under attack from spammers (still) or currently inhabited by gremlins. We’re not sure. Anyway, I’m just HOPING this post goes up and you can find it. This is not a good week for the site to be down, but oh, well. Maybe it’s just feeling anxious, too.While my awesome website guy Mark was dealing with things early this morning, I distracted myself by walking down to Times Square to catch a bit of GMA. They were getting ready to head to Central Park for a concert, but I got to say hello to Robin and Josh. Then I had some time to catch up with my friend Capp, a GMA stagehand who thinks my obsession with the show is hilarious. We met about a year back when I was in the studio and fangirling like crazy and she  just rolled her eyes. Anyway, she’s been so nice, getting me in and giving me some inside scoop like us fans always want. We shot this pic as I left:

photo (3)

Okay, now to see if I can post this without spammers making the site implode. Fingers crossed…

Have a good weekend, everyone!