It’s here!

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moon and more cover


THE MOON AND MORE is now available wherever books are sold! I’m so excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. Or nervous.

Today, I leave for DC and the beginning of the book tour. You can get a full listing of events and times here. Many of the events are ticketed, so be sure to check with the bookstores before you go!

I had a GREAT event at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham last night. Despite a total downpour, a ton of folks came out, and I had a lot of friends and family there as well. It was just SO nice. (Thanks especially to the girls who drove LONG distances to be there. I hope it was worth the trip!)

Thanks again to everyone for the support and comments. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this day to come! Whew. Here we go…..

Have a great day, everyone!