The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so this has been SUCH a wild week I didn’t event GET this Five before now, Saturday morning. I don’t even know where to begin. I did my local kickoff fo THE MOON AND MORE on Monday evening at the Regulator in Durham, the book was released the next day AND I also hit the road. Whew! I’m actually writing this from the airport Saturday morning, waiting to catch a flight to Boise. Then it’s two dates in the San Francisco area and HOME. But for now, a recap. First, of course, there was my moment on GMA Live, which I STILL can’t believe actually happened. But it did! Then I headed to DC, where I had a great event with Politics and Prose, and the next day to Boston, where a ton of folks turned out my event in Natick with Wellesley Books. I even got an amazing necklace for a pre-birthday gift from reader Shana. LOVE.

It even has the first couple of lines printed on real pages inside, so I’ll never forget them. Nice!

2. Then, on Thursday, it was my birthday. I mean, seriously: book release AND turning 43 all in the same week? That’s just crackers. Anyway, I woke up in Boston, got a sweet video of my kid wishing me a happy birthday, then headed to the airport to fly to Houston. While I was sitting at the gate, I got a happy birthday text from my friend Cap at GMA, saying I should watch the crowd that morning during the show. I panicked, as was nowhere near a TV, but then spotted a sportsbar open for breakfast. I asked the bartender to switch the channel to GMA (I’m sure she thought I was nuts, but whatever) and then totally shrieked out loud (confirming her hunch) when I saw this right before the 8am hour began:


I love my GMA friends. Have I ever told you that before? (A joke: I know I talk about it WAY TOO MUCH.)

3. In Houston, I had a great event with Blue Willow books. I was a little sad to be away from my husband and kid on my birthday—it’s the first one I’ve spent without her since she was born, and without my husband since I was eighteen—but the folks at the bookstore and my Penguin rep Jill made sure I got a proper celebration. Also some of my loyal readers brought me cupcakes and cards, which just confirms what I already knew: I have the best fans ever. Here’s me with my Penguin pal Jill, and the red velvet cupcakes she brought me:

photo (4)


I ate one before bed that night. And I am NOT EVEN SORRY. (Although I did somehow manage to get frosting all over my phone screen while doing so. I’m a bit sorry about that.)

4. Then it was off to Cincinnati, where I had a fabulous event last night at Joseph-Beth. It was so totally summer themed, with leis and beach toys, that I could almost SMELL the suncreen and hear the waves. (I would normally be at the beach right now, for my birthday/anniversary week, so it isn’t so hard for me to visualize this.) Plus they had the BIGGEST sign for THE MOON AND MORE ever:

They told me I could have this to take with me, but 1) I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase and 2) I couldn’t imagine trying to convince my husband that I needed to hang it up somewhere in the house. So I gave it to this lovely reader instead, who I KNOW will give it a good home.

During the event, while I was signing, a girl came up and wondered if she could ask me something. I said sure, thinking it was probably about writing or the book. But she said, “I wondered if you have any advice on getting through high school.” People: my heart just ached. Because that was SO ME, back at that age. I just wanted to know if there was something, ANYTHING, I could be doing to make things easier. I didn’t even know the right thing to say, but I tried anyway. I told her that I totally understood. That is would be okay. That even if things were great now, high school was short and life was LONG. That she’d made it, and maybe even have some good stories to tell. And I told her to hang in there. And then when she left, I swallowed hard, cleared my head, and smiled at the next person in line. But man. I won’t forget that anytime soon.

5. So now, as I said, I am on my way to Boise, ID to do an event today, Saturday the 8th, at Hastings Bookstore at 3pm. I’m writing this from the sky somewhere between Cincinnati and Salt Lake City, where I have a connection. Never been to Idaho and am EXCITED to see what it’s all about. This trip has been so fun, but also tinged with homesickness now and then. It’s always about the highs and lows, right? I have a birthday wish from GMA, but my kid sobs uncontrollably when I leave for the airport. So many amazing readers who are so kind to me, but then my husband texts me a picture of my dogs and my heart pangs. But I know that I’ll be home soon, with so many great memories I can pull up during those hard writing days when I feel like I want to tear my hair out. And really, I have a job I love, and for that I am forever grateful. The best, though, is when my two worlds collide, work and home, in the best way. Like this:


Thanks to you ALL for the comments, tweets and reblogs on Tumblr during this fun, crazy week. I’ve got three events left on this tour, including today’s. Get all the info here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!