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Which Sarah Dessen Character Are You?

Okay, so I’m not really Remy, but no one had gotten her yet so it only seemed fair.
(Actually, I guess if you REALLY think about it, I am all of these characters. In one way or another.)

So last night I had my big brush with The Stage. After the people from the previous scene walked off, I was supposed to get up from my seat and walk into this spotlight, then read my little bit off my card. Then sit down and get up and do it again after Meredith, the girl playing Caitlin, finished her monologue.

Now, first off, I don’t think I was standing in the right place. I mean, this light stuff is confusing and I am no actress. They said if I couldn’t see I was in the right spot but I sort of had to see to read my cards, so it’s possible everyone only saw my torso. Whatever. Second, I think I got up too fast. There was this bench from the previous scene and nobody had moved it but I started to panic, thinking I was slowing things down, so I just got up and walked (sort of) into the light, and then I could hear someone dashing out behind me to push the bench out of the way and all the while I’m just reading my card and thinking oh well, oh, well, just keep going. Which is exactly what I did.

Hopefully I’ll do everything perfectly tonight. But then again, how often does that ever happen?

The girls who played Caitlin and Colie, Meredith and Emily, were so impressive. I was pretty much blown away. The entire show was great, in fact. I’m looking forward to seeing it again tonight.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has posted my test on their site. And thanks especially to whoever recommended it to Backwash. All hail Ben, again….