The Friday Five!

1. Okay, truth telling time: again, I am starting this Five early, on Thursday. But I DO have a good excuse and, again, it is travel/airport/turkey wrap related. But WAIT! It’s not the typical Book Tour Travel thing, because this time, I’m headed out on a family vacation with my husband and daughter. So for once, I’m not going to the airport alone to trudge through security, then get stuck on a cramped plane with someone big reclining into my lap. I’ll have people I love with me! Which makes everything better. Or somewhat better. All joking aside, though, I am VERY excited to be heading up to visit my family in Cape Cod, MA for our annual vacation with my extended family. I’ll see cousins, eat clam chowder, walk on sand flats, be reminded of a million both embarrassing and lovely childhood memories. The day of travel there is always a bit of an adventure, especially with an impatient almost-six-year-old in tow, asking every five minutes if we are there yet. But once I see that bay, and that river, and the faces I love so much and have missed all winter, it’s all worth it. My first beach trip of the year! Can you tell I’m excited?

2. I’ve been SO excited, in fact—and by excited I mean crazy whirling around, trying to pack and not forget anything—that it almost slipped my mind that today, Thursday July 18th, marks the TEN YEAR anniversary of HOW TO DEAL’s release in theaters. (For those who haven’t been reading this blog forever, that’s the movie that was based on my first two novels. You can read about my experiences at the premiere in this blast from the past blog post.) Yes, I WAS still doing this blog back in 2003. TEN YEARS! (Cue Jeremy Piven shouting in Grosse Pointe Blank here. I can’t believe it either.) Anyway, it was SO MUCH fun, the entire process, from going to the set in Toronto and meeting Mandy Moore to the premiere in New York. I’d do it again in a minute. Hopefully someone will ask me to! But until then, I have Starz and Oxygen, which still show it regularly, and, of course, these:







































3. In other sort-of book news, a quick roundup of upcoming appearances for THE MOON AND MORE. First, on Tuesday, July 23rd at 3pm I’ll be at Eight Cousins Bookshop in Falmouth MA. I know it’s prime beach time, but remember: it’s important to reapply your SPF AND hydrate, and I promise not to talk too long. Also, a bunch of my family may be there, actively trying to embarrass me. It’s like a free show! Then, on Saturday, August 3rd, I’m at McIntyre’s Books in Pittsboro, NC at 11am. After that, I’ll be at Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville, NC on Thursday, August 8th at 7pm. (I have been called for jury duty, for the first time, three days before that. I am hoping I can still get there! Fingers crossed.) And THEN, at the end of September (whew!) I’m totally pumped to go to the Austin Teen Book Festival, where I get to be in conversation with Rob Thomas, the author of RATS SAW GOD and the creator of one of my favorite TV shows of ALL TIME, Veronica Mars. I still can’t believe this is happening. Details are here. After that, I have a few more conferences but will basically be crawling back underground to disappear and write. I know you will all be ready for me to do just that, and stop plugging away here. Thanks for your patience.

4. I just took a break from writing this to pop over to Twitter, where I saw one of my dear friends (and a former publicist I basically grew up with at Penguin) had posted a picture of her new baby on his first trip to the beach. I squealed, and loudly. I’m a bit baby crazy right now. WAIT NOT LIKE THAT. Please. I am 43 and exhausted. But with mine heading off to kindergarten in a month or so (!!!!!!) I’m just finding myself awash in nostalgia, constantly. How is it possible I’ll be dropping her off for a full day of school when I was literally JUST feeding her rice cereal for the first time? How can she be old enough to jump off the diving board at the pool, as she did this week, without me doing it right there with her? It’s the weirdest thing. Of course I want her to be brave and strong and her own girl, but it’s so hard to step back when the entire last six or seven years of my life has been keeping her safe, both in my belly and then out in the world. Up at the Cape, she’ll have this roving pack of cousins, and she’ll want to run off with them and someday—probably not this summer, they’re all a bit bigger—I’m going to have to let her. Just like I’m going to have to drop her at school in August (somehow?) and figure out what my life is like without her here all day, every day. OH my God. I don’t even know if I CAN. I better go look at my friend’s baby again. For an hour or so.

5. Finally, the Emmy nominations were announced today. I didn’t get to see all of it, as I was trying to get my kid to camp, but I was THRILLED when I found out that Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were BOTH nominated for their turns in the Liberace movie BEHIND THE CANDELABRA:











Little known fact: I LOVE Liberace. I grew up watching him on the Tonight Show and other TV appearances, and I went to the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas on my trip there for our one year wedding anniversary. He was just so kitschy and over the top: I love him like I love Barry Manilow, who I have seen in concert TWICE so far. (The first time, I was so enthusiastic I got moved up to the front row. But they might have thought I was a security risk and wanted to keep an eye on me. Still, front row!) Anyway, I had big plans to watch BEHIND THE CANDELABRA when it came on HBO, but my husband wasn’t so interested. Then, though, when I was in Boise, ID on book tour, waiting for ride to the airport, I flipped channels and stumbled across it. SO SO CAMPY AND GREAT. I watched it straight through, then again when I got home and THEN listened to the audiobook of the memoir that inspired it. (When I like something, I am all in. Clearly.) Anyway, I’m so excited and the only downside is that Matt and Michael are nominated in the same category, so only one can win. Which is VERY dramatic, something Liberace surely would have appreciated. I mean, look at him!














And on that note (music joke!) I’m off to finally pack for this trip. I’m cutting it close, like I always do. But hopefully it WILL get done by tomorrow morning….(edited to say: it IS! I think. We’re leaving in five minutes, regardless.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!