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Today. Quail Ridge Books. 3pm.

(I swear, this is the last time I will plug this appearance.)

Meanwhile, because you all probably need it, some non-book related stuff. Yesterday, I went shopping with my best friend Bianca. We went to Ross Clothing, which, in my opinion, is like T.J. Maxx but crappier. However, they had shoes. For cheap! I bought a pair of black strappy sandals that I christened my Carrie Bradshaw shoes. I will probably never wear them or break an ankle if I do, but who cares? They were only $8.99.

In other news, it must be officially summer—although you wouldn’t know it here, because it’s chilly this morning—because on Friday afternoon, I saw the Shrimp Guy was back. The Shrimp Guy shows up at this intersection on the way to my house at the beginning of every summer weekend: he parks his truck in the median, by this gas station, and puts out a sign that says FRESH SHRIMP. Sometimes it says BIG SHRIMP. Others, FRESH BIG SHRIMP. My personal favorite is BEAUTIFUL SHRIMP which sounds like it should be a love song of some sort. I have never stopped and bought shrimp from him, if only because buying seafood from a guy with a cooler on the side of the road doesn’t sound like the best idea. But I admire his tenacity, for some reason.

Anyway, so that’s it for now. If any of my students are reading this before heading out to graduation, congrats. And wear a sweater……