The, um, Sunday….one?

Admission: I totally forgot about The Friday Five this week. Whoops! Mostly this was because from about 7am-4pm that day my family was in transit from Cape Cod, MA back home to Chapel Hill, a trip that involved driving, planes and more driving. Then yesterday was all about catching up, until suddenly I was like…”Oh, wow. The blog.” Things do fall by the wayside while on vacation. Like, um, sleeping, apparently, if you are my daughter. For some reason she started waking up multiple times during the night while on this trip, like she was an infant again. I was like a zombie I was so tired, which made for some interesting vacation photos. Remember when being on holiday was supposed to mean sleeping MORE,  not less? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, now I’m home and getting back in the swing. My little dog Coco is going off to NC State to get looked at by the vet school tomorrow morning due to some health issues, I’m reading at McIntyre’s Books this coming Saturday at 11am, and I got called for jury duty NEXT week. Which is a bit stressful as I’m scheduled to be at Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville on Thursday the 8th. Here’s hoping they DON’T need me for civic duty this time around. Fingers crossed!

The Friday Five WILL return next week, I promise. Apologies for my slackness. I’m blaming summer. It’s like allowed then, right?


Have  a good week, everyone!