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A question for you Brits: what do you know about J17 magazine? They’re doing a promo with Last Chance and I’m curious as to what they’re all about. Are they like our seventeen magazine, i.e. articles about prom and cute boys?

Meanwhile, today I am taping an interview with my local NPR station and for some reason I am so freaking nervous. Maybe it’s because I listen to NPR all the time and everyone sounds so calm and intelligent (two words not often used to describe me). I’ll let you know how it goes.

My husband went to see the new Star Wars movie yesterday, and like Ben he had only good things to say about Yoda. (He also came home with this HUGE plastic giveaway cup, which he claimed was part of a deal with a large popcorn: how is 8 bucks a deal for something that costs them about seventy-five cents? But don’t get me started on concessions, I could go all day. )

Anyway, my husband is the most easygoing of moviegoers. If it’s an action movie, he’s happy, even if the plot and acting stinks. But make him watch Sliding Doors for, oh, the millionth time, and he starts complaining. Boys.

That’s all for now. It’s freezing here for some reason (it IS May, isn’t it?) and I have to go find a sweater….