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A few odds and ends on this Thursday……

First, the radio interview yesterday went well. Once I got there and told them I was nervous about not sounding as cool and well-spoken as everyone else on NPR, they told me how much they actually edit interviews. Apparently, they can make anyone sound erudite and concise. So that’s good news for me. The interview is supposed to run next Wednesday, the 29th. I’ll keep you posted.

I have to plug this, as well: my cousin Jonathan’s new book which I have not yet read but is getting good reviews. (Shevaun’s dad, for you of the younger Waquoit set.) The book he wrote about Sherpas looks really good, as well…

Lastly, I’ve gotten a couple of emails lately wanting Fun Personal Details for book reports. Unfortunately I’m not able to answer specific questions as much as I used to, but I’m thinking about putting a list of stuff up on my site. However, that means I have to actually chose favorites in various categories, and much like Rob in High Fidelity I hate to be sealed to just five, or even one. I mean, what if I change my mind?

Maybe it could be like this:

1. What’s your favorite color? Black. If that’s a color, which I’ve been told it is not. Otherwise, yellow. No, wait: periwinkle. (See what I mean?)

2. What’s your favorite place to shop (this is a verbatim question, I swear): It all depends on budget: if I’m scraping coins out of my couch, Old Navy. If I feel like running up my Visa, Banana Republic. And the Gap clearance rack is always my friend.

3. What is your favorite song? (Also a verbatim question.) This is a tough one. I hate to be sealed to just one of so many…so I’ll just do my favorite song as if this moment, 8:44 am. on May 23rd. *stalls, sighs, hems, haws*: okay, umm….”Everything is Everything” by Lauryn Hill. God. That was PAINFUL.

4. What is your favorite book? Again, as of today: A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving, Fair and Tender Ladies by Lee Smith, Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding (yah, yah, so sue me) Naked by David Sedaris, and probably a million others that I can’t think of because I just woke up.

5. Favorite movie? Of all time? Impossible to answer. List would include: Sliding Doors, Raising Arizona, Grosse Pointe Blank, Almost Famous, Say Anything, Bridget Jones’ Diary (again, so sue me), The Muppet Movie, Jerry Maguire, and, by default, just about every other Cameron Crowe movie not mentioned here (except Vanilla Sky, which, frankly, I just didn’t GET).

6. Favorite Food? Devilled eggs, followed closely by Macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, shrimp with any kind of pasta and pimento cheese dip. (Not the kind that you buy at the grocery store, but the nicer stuff from Whole Foods. Those of you living below Maryland will know the difference.)

7. Favorite place? The couch at our house in Cape Cod that has the best view of the river. My bedroom here at home, where I can lay and read and look out at nothing but trees and sky. The quad on the UNC campus, early in the morning at the very end of a spring semester, when everything’s blooming and the grass has just been cut. And this one intersection out here near where I live where you come up over this rise to see just green pasture land in all directions. It’s so beautiful it’s surreal. Really.

8. If you could meet one celebrity, living or dead, who would it be? Okay, I’ll probably embarass myself here, but I’d love to meet Renee Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, or Stephen King. (I know, I know: which one of these is not like the other? But think of all the stories he has to tell.) You’re supposed to say Ghandi or Jesus but I’m trying to be honest here.

9. If you were stranded on a desert island, what five things would you want with you?

1. My husband (aside from the obvious reasons, he’s very handy: would have a hut built like that *snaps fingers*)
2. Big thick blank notebook and pen that never runs out of ink
3. A book I could read over and over again and still love: probably a big, thick anthology of short stories, the kind I assign for my classes: it would take ages to read them all. Oh, and a years worth of Entertainment Weekly (maybe they could air-drop them?)
4. Pictures of my friends and family
5. An endless supply of Little Debbie snack cakes, Devil Squares in particular: they are the perfect food.

I’d do ten questions, but I can’t think of another one. Can you?