The Friday Five!


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Okay, so this was yesterday.

Why did I have a camera crew in my house, you ask? Well…I can’t exactly tell you. Yet. But I WILL say that when you do find out, you’ll understand why it was basically the fullfillment of one of my biggest dreams, well, ever. I still can’t believe it happened and there is MORE TO COME next week. In the, um, morning. Okay, that’s all I can say!!!

2. As is often the way, when great things happen they’re usually paired with some not so great, to keep you in check. (Maybe this isn’t the case with everyone, but I find it to be a pretty regular occurrence for me.) So in the midst of ALL this very exciting career/dream stuff, my little dog Coco went to the NC State Vet School to get looked at. She’s had a urinary tract issue for awhile ¬†that our regular vet couldn’t figure out how to treat, and State is the best, so we were hoping for some answers. Well, we got them, but it’s not exactly what I was hoping for. Turns out she may have a kind of bladder cancer that is prevalent with Boston Terriers. There are chemo drugs, and things you can do, but it’s hard news to take, especially when otherwise she is a happy, energetic, food-obsessed little dog. It’s hard to not extrapolate a million terrible scenarios, especially when I have a six year old who is OBSESSED with this dog and calls her “my sister.” But for now, I’m just trying to take it day by day. I’m petting Coco whenever I can, pulling her into my lap, slipping her extra biscuits. Whatever happens, we have this, now. And that has to be okay. It just has to.

3. Also this week, I’ve had a chance to do some stuff for two of my very favorite local charities. Last night, I went to an event for Book Harvest, which is an organization that provides books to local kids. It’s just the BEST cause ever, and I’m thrilled that I get to be a part of it. Then, on Saturday, I’m going to be part of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina telethon, reading a children’s book. With September 11th this week, and how it’s become a day of service, I’m so glad to be able to support charities that really mean so much to me. I mean, food and books: what else do you need? (Okay, water and air maybe. But just that.)

4. As I’m writing this, my husband and Will, who works for him, are in the kitchen nearby, having a confab about pickling. Yes: pickling. Apparently, this is their newest interest, now that I’ve shot down the idea of them getting turkeys or goats to add to our barnyard population. They have purchased mason jars and lids and done research and now they are about to move into action. “Pickled jalapenos?” was just suggested, followed by, “What about pickled green tomatoes?” Now, me, I have enough trouble just getting through my basic daily routine, the same thing each day. So I sort of marvel at the fact that these two are always either starting or in the midst of some domestic project. Trimming the squirrel population, which was overtaking the garden. Building sheds. Tinkering with race cars. Having prolonged discussions about the cliques forming in the chicken coops. What will a pickled green tomato taste like? Do I even want to know? These are the questions I am asking myself, but not them. I’ll keep quiet, because at least it’s not more animals.

5. I totally got my butt kicked at yoga class today. (Not literally: that would not be very namaste behavior, now would it?) It’s a class I take every week and it’s usually a bit harder than the others I go to, but today was BRUTAL. Lots of standing poses and squats and twists and I know I was not the only one suffering because when she finally told us to go into child’s pose the entire room exhaled, like a low pressure system moving through. How can something be so hard sometimes and not so bad the others? If I knew, I wouldn’t ask the same question constantly about writing. Ideally, I write at the same time each day, in the same place, with the same two chocolates to warm me up. Some days are epically hard, others just somewhat, and occasionally you get one of those golden ones where everything is flowing and wonderful and two hours pass in, like, ten minutes. I guess yoga–or running, or anything else you do even when you don’t always want to—is the same way. Starting is the hardest part. There are tough stretches, some that are excruciating. But when you are done, you’re never sorry. Sore, yes. But not sorry. Does the fact that I am already aching from yoga mean today will be a particularly bad writing day? Dear God, I hope not. That would not be very namaste either.

Have a good weekend, everyone!