The Friday Five!

1.  It’s 8:07am as I write this, and I’m about to go back to bed. I know, I know. Super lame. But my kid was up every hour and a half last night with a stuffy nose, so I got NO sleep, which is not exactly the best way to board an airplane for a festival, as I am doing in a few hours. I powered through wakeup and dropoff—where I saw a mom in her pajamas still, making me wish I hadn’t bothered to change out of mine—but now it’s hitting me like a wave. I learned a LONG time ago that sleep deprivation makes me, well, crazy. Good to know, right? So before I babble on anymore and scare you, I’m crawling back into bed. See you at number two in a couple of hours!

2. Take two! Amazing what a nap can do. Okay, so as I mentioned above, in a few hours I am headed to the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, TN. It’s my first time going to this festival, and I hear it is GREAT. Plus there are many writers I admire going, which means I’ll have plenty of opportunities to fangirl embarassingly all over them. (Some people call this stalking, but I believe that’s a bit harsh. I am not dangerous. I swear!) If you’re going to be in Nashville too, my panel is with Jennifer E. Smith and Lauren Morrill, both of whom I am so excited to meet and talk YA books with. I’ll also be doing a signing AND exploring downtown Nashville. I have gotten a bunch of good recommendations via Twitter (where did I ever figure out where to eat in new cities without social media?) but if you have others, please leave them in the comments. Lately, all of my travel seems to be about eating. Not sure why that is, but I am embracing it. Pass the fork!

3. Regular readers of this blog know I watch GMA every morning. (If you don’t know that and read this each week, you must read very selectively. Kudos to you!) Anyway, this week they showing the finalists for a contest they ran for high schools around the country to win a concert from Katy Perry. You had to make a video for her song “Roar” at your school. All of the finalists were really good: I don’t know how she’s going to choose a winner. But the one on Thursday just floored me. In part of it, they had students hold up signs saying something that either they were told about themselves by someone else, or believed about themselves. It broke my heart to see what some of them said: “I”M FAT,” “I”M NOT DEDICATED ENOUGH,” “I SUCK,” and the one that just gave me chills: “I’M BROKEN INSIDE.” Because that was SO how I felt in high school. Like I was just messed up already, damaged goods, because of some things that had happened and bad choices I’d made. To see someone else in that place and admitting it…well, I got all choked up. Man. If you want to see the video, it’s here. And the person who is holding that sign: I’m with you. I remember. It WILL be okay. I swear.

4. On a lighter note (whew!) my Halloween costume arrived this week. Before I had my daughter, I was not into Halloween because, well, I didn’t have to be. But then we had this kid, and she LOVES Halloween as all children do and it was no longer an option to just sit home and eat a bowlful of a bite-size Snickers on Oct. 31st and call it a night. So since parenthood, I have been a cat, a Real Housewife, a cowgirl, and Snow White. This year I’m sticking with classic and being a witch. I know, I know. It’s not very original. But there were some cool white and black striped tights AND a pointy hat involved. My other thought was Wonder Woman, but at 43 I was hesitant about trying to rock both a bodice and a short skirt. My kid is going as Rapunzel and my husband will, most likely, bust out the mullet wig he wears every year. Done and done! Bring on the candy.

5. Finally, I just finished packing for the festival and I have to say I am sick of ALL of my clothes. I loved my warm weather stuff, as I declared it the Summer of Dresses. If you saw me between April and, well, last weekend, I was probably in a dress and my denim jacket. Easy-peasy! But this week it got colder here, which means we are back to jeans and sweater and ugh I am just not feeling it. I did buy two new tops at Madewell for this weekend, but I fear both of them make me look pregnant. I mean, I get that peplum is a thing but I worry it is not MY thing. Still, I let the salesgirl talk me into it because I was desperate. The other thing I keep seeing around is leather: leather dresses, skirts, cuffs, everything. But leather doesn’t really pass my Whole Foods test, which is “Would I wear this to Whole Foods?” Um, no. (Although there are some very stylish people at my WF: that’s Chapel Hill for you. They probably look good in peplum, too.) I know there’s nothing I can do about all this. Cold and winter is coming, it’s the tradeoff for the part of the year I love. But that doesn’t mean I can’t grump about it. Also, if anyone asks me if I’m expecting in Nashville, these shirts are DONE. Seriously.

Have a good weekend, everyone!