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Today the interview I did last week runs on The State of Things , our NPR local affairs show, which comes on at 12noon and 8pm EST. (The piece is probably pretty short, and most likely will come towards the middle or end of the hour, I’m guessing. ) You can click here for info about listening on the internet, or if you’re a local type, it’s 91.5 FM.

(Oh, man. I’m just hoping I don’t sound like a dink. That’s all I ask.)

In other news, I went to see About A Boy yesterday, my first movie in ages. It was so nice to be in a cool (it’s been in the nineties here) dark theatre for a couple of hours seeing a movie that was altogether pretty good. (And for true matinee price—$3.75!—to boot.) I thought Hugh Grant was especially good, but I’ve noticed he’s someone that people either really like or completely despise. Like Helen Hunt. I have so many friends who hate Helen Hunt. Why is that?

These little mysteries, always keeping life interesting….