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From I scored a 45 out of 100 on the Class Reunion Test:

Ah, class reunions – reminiscing with all your old pals, dancing to the tunes of your crazy youth, and drinking out in the open instead of in the parking lot… OR crying in the corner over the “one that got away” and hiding from the jocks in fear that they’re going to give you another super-wedgie. Which will it be for you? Something in between, according to your answers. You seem to still carry some old feelings from your high school days, which could potentially spark you to do some silly things at your high school reunion. On the other hand, you wouldn’t drudge up all the ancient history of your teenage days. It’s probably normal that you’d still react in some way to things that happened back in your youth, since it’s a very impressionable age. But remember that class reunions are supposed to be a pleasant stroll down memory lane, not a form of psychotherapy. Just have a good time!

(There is also the Baby Fever test, but honestly, that one scares me.)

Meanwhile, I listened to myself on the radio yesterday which was just so strange. I sounded really twangy to myself (and this, while I’ve always considered my southern accent to be mimimal if not non-existent). Plus with the editing I sounded just so concise. Normally I’d just go on, and on, and on…..