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Okay? You were warned.

So, Mandy Moore won at the MTV movie awards for Best Breakthrough Female. (This is on the MTV website, but the show doesn’t air until Thursday. And maybe you don’t even care. I mean, why would you? But still, I felt compelled to give you the option of not knowing. Makes me feel better, somehow.)

Mandy posted a long thing on her BBS about the show and how happy she was. Plus there were pictures: she looks very tan and her hair is very short. Plus, she’s tall. Man! Way tall. I always wanted to be tall….but I digress.

Anyway. Here’s one other thing she said:

Ps. the dress, bag, jewelry was all vintage. my hair had been shorn recently for “how to deal”. love it being short…although it is quite a confident cut and i have to get used to that. i also met/ hung out with my new friend alex holden (she’s an actress who is playing my best friend, scarlett, in “how to deal”. so sweet. it was just a great night last night.

So: Alexandra Holden. She was on Friends: she played the college student Ross dated, Elizabeth. Bruce Willis played her dad. And you KNOW how much I love Friends. I mean, please!!!! Finally, I can claim a true Friends connection, however convoluted.

Nice way to start the week, I think. And I’ll be tuning in on Thursday night (which is also my birthday, ahem) to see it all happen…..