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Many many MANY thanks to the Regulator Bookshop for a great reading and signing last night. It went really well. I especially want to thank Rachel, Rachel and Jess, from Friends school, who introduced me.

Here’s me reading:

(And there *were* more than five people there, really! This picture is not doctored.)

Afterwards, I signed books…

and then hung out with my cousin Jackie, who I have only recently gotten to know and thus feel compelled to put on my livejournal—

I am nothing if not fond of my family.

Anyway, I have to thank John Valentine from the Regulator, who always does so right by me and has from the very start. (Hug your local independent bookseller!) Also props to John Kenan, who took these pictures and because he is a professional they look so much better than if I’d done it myself. Many thanks.

So far, so good with these signings. From what I hear the book is selling well and I am very, very happy. *sighs*

Plus, the ultimate bonus: today, there is a chance (a chance!) of birthday cake.