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Speaking of movies, I got a gift certificate from Borders for my birthday. I went out and bought some movies I’ve been wanting.

(Don’t laugh. Okay?)

First, I got Bring It On. Yes, it’s a cheerleading movie. Get over it. I really liked it, I saw it in the theater, and I’m not going to make any more excuses. So there.

Also I purchased The Birdcage, which I’ve been wanting. It was $14.99, such the bargain. I also wanted Best In Show, which they didn’t have, and Never Been Kissed, which they did but it was, like, ten dollars more than at Best Buy so I just said fur-get it.

(That, if you don’t know, is from Urban Cowboy, another one of my favorite movies. Debra Winger and John Travolta, arguing: she says, “Fine. Fur-get it.” Another good quote, from the wedding scene when they’re taking pictures: “Mama, my legs are sweating.” Plus, how can you not love a movie about riding mechanical bulls? You can’t. That’s the answer. You just can’t.)

I also picked up Shopaholic Takes Manhattan for when I head out of town next weekend, which will prove a nice break from the Semi-Literary books I’ve been reading lately for the newspaper. I want something airy and forgettable. And I’m not making excuses about that, either.

Now, I’m heading downstairs to watch the MTV Movie Awards, which I taped last night while I was out for my birthday. I’m going to root for Mandy, even though I already know she won. As my husband says, What’s Good For Mandy is Good For Us.

(Movie, schmovie. He just wants to build a garage….)