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Man. You’ve just gotta feel bad for J. Lo, don’t you?

I mean, that’s two marriages, less than a year each. She was just on Oprah talking about how happy she is! What’s that all about, you have to wonder….

I guess this is on my mind because today is my wedding anniversary. Two years ago right now, I was trying desperately to get over a *slight* hangover (right now, if my best friend Bianca is reading this she’s snickering) and preparing for our five o’clock ceremony. Months of planning, details, minor breakdowns, all leading up to one big event.

I am SO GLAD I’m not doing that this year. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great wedding. But I always take a moment this time of year to give thanks that I never have to be a bride-to-be, with all the attendant stresses, again. (At least, I HOPE I don’t. Could be wrong. Look at J. Lo!)

Last year, we went to Vegas for our first anniversary. This year, it will be a big deal if we even go out for Chinese. After my birthday and the big party we had here Saturday, we’re beat. I spent all day yesterday eating left over barbeque (yum) and chocolate cake, sleeping, and reading a book out in a lawn chair. I got a sunburn, I relaxed, it was the best. The absolute best.

So that’s Monday. Later this week I go to Atlanta for the ALA conference: fancy dinners, meeting important people, having to be Writergrl. For now, I’m just going to try and mellow out. There is, after all, still cake to be eaten….