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*Casting news! Casting news!*

Okay. So I’ve known this for awhile but now I can finally spill the beans because it’s on the IMDB site for How to Deal. Allison Janney, who plays C.J. on The West Wing, is playing Halley’s mom in the movie. (Although she’s really more like Haven’s mom from That Summer, because they put the books together and that’s how it worked out. Sounds confusing, I know, but it works somehow.) Peter Gallagher, who was in While You Were Sleeping, Sex Lies and Videotape and about a million other things is playing Halley’s dad. Alexandra Holden is Scarlett (that we already knew) and this guy named Trent Ford is playing Macon. I can’t find any pictures of him ANYWHERE, which kind of stinks because I’m dying to see what he looks like. I just heard that he’s tall. So do with that what you will. Hopefully we’ll get a glimpse soon.

Just.So. Exciting. Really.

My own life however, has been pleasantly dull. I’m catching up on a bunch of reading, which is great, and trying to stay out of the heat (it’s a code red ozone day here today, doesn’t that sound scary?). Summer in the south, gotta love it. As we say, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Or maybe the ozone….