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I am leaving town for the weekend and just spent the last hour packing. I am a terrible packer: I always bring too much and end up forgetting something very important. Plus, for some reason (most likely genetic) I get all nervous and weirded out, sure there’s something crucial I’m forgetting, like they don’t have dental floss anywhere but here at my local CVS. I mean, really.

Time to calm down.

I think a weekend away from the computer will be good for me. I’ve gotten a little obsessive lately about checking my email, livejournal, etc. (Although I’ll probably cheat because I can check my email through my cell phone…but I will *try* to resist.) Next week I head up to the Cape Cod to be computer-free for an entire week. Will I survive?
Stay tuned.

In celebration of a weekend away (for business, not as much as pleasure, but it all counts) I went and got a manicure and pedicure today. It looked so pretty, especially before I smeared my fingernail polish the instant I got in my car. You know how some people are just always flawless? Never a hair out of place, cool and unruffled? I am not one of those people. I feel like I’ve been fighting it my entire life, but the older I get the more willing I am to just accept that yes, I will probably always have a scrape or bruise on my knee from crashing into the coffee table, and okay, yeah, that *is* a coffee stain on my shirt, and well, you know, my hair is doing something weird in the back, big deal.
There are much, much worse things.

This is such a rambling entry. I promise to have fun stories to tell (and possibly pictures to post) when I return. Till then, everybody: have a good weekend.