Everything is going to be alright.

Okay, so it’s less than a week until SAINT ANYTHING is in stores, and…well, I’m kind of freaking out. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a good freakout, like when you’ve been waiting and waiting for something you’ve worked SO hard for, and then it’s finally close to enough to almost touch but that also makes it real and who knows what will happen, your wildest dream or your nightmare or (more likely) something in between?

Yeah. Freaking out.

I had a great pre-tour of school visits and bookseller dinners. The response from early readers has been amazing. People are excited, I’m excited, it’s all good. And this is the TWELFTH time I have done this. So I should be used to the rollercoaster of nerves, yes? Well, maybe. But as I have said here before, it doesn’t get old. It’s always a thrill when you get that box of finished copies, open it up, and there’s this dream, right in your hands.

But regular readers of this not-so-regular blog know that this book was a bit of a leap of faith. So it does feel different to me, this time around, even more so than usual. Which I guess explains the nerves. Or partly does. But still a little reassurance, from anywhere, is always nice.

Which brings me to this. A few months ago, I donated to the Kickstarter campaign for one of the oldest local movie theaters here in Chapel Hill, The Varsity. It’s where I saw Dazed and Confused for the first time, where they used to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show late night on weekends when I was hanging out on Franklin Street. The Varisty is a huge part of our community, and history, and they were at risk of having to close if they couldn’t convert to a digital screening system. One of the perks for donating was that you could “take over the marquee” for a period and put up whatever you wanted for all of downtown Chapel Hill (and passing traffic) to see. My plan was to do something for the book, like around pub day. But then I started to think about it.

I’m a person who is a fan of magical thinking. I am ALWAYS looking for signs, whether it be my lucky number somewhere (7) or the song that just happens to be playing on the radio when I turn on my car. Some people (therapists) have told me that this is not that healthy and basically a way of trying to control the uncontrollable, but it hasn’t made me slow down on it at all. It’s a comfort, if an empty one.

Anyway, I decided that maybe I wasn’t the ONLY one who could use a sign right now. It’s the end of the semester here at UNC, with graduation just around the cornter. Everyone has something going on, right? So I called up the Varsity and told the owners what I wanted to do, hoping I didn’t sound crazy but knowing I probably did. A day later, it was up. And I have to say: I love it.




Have a good day, everyone.