SAINT ANYTHING is in stores TODAY!!!

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Saint Anything

You guys: it’s finally happening!

I am BEYOND excited to share my twelfth book with you. It’s so close to my heart (I explained why in this post ) and I cannot wait to hear what you all think! Look for it today anywhere books are sold. You can also go here to order it online in print or ebook form.

And, as of today, I am on TOUR! Come see me! All upcoming dates are right here

(Sorry for all the exclamation points. I’m a little excited.)

As I’m traveling around the country talking about the book, I’ll be tweeting and posting to my Facebook page and Tumblr, which you can access via the buttons above. Also find me on Instagram at sdessen.

And THANK YOU for your tweets, comments, support and just general awesomeness. It means more than you know. Have a great day, everyone!