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I am trying, trying, TRYING to get off of this computer and officially begin my vacation. But I keep getting emails I need to attend to, and various little worries keep cropping up. This time tomorrow I will be in Cape Cod. I can hear it calling me.

Ahhh. Watching the sunset from Grandmother’s beach. Cocktails at the Monas house. (Although all Werdmullers will be *sadly* missed.) Laying in the hammock and watching the river. Breakfast at the Moonakis Cafe. Seeing my gorgeous, now-huge nephew. And walking home from anywhere on the point late at night, when the stars are bright and you can see your way home with the moon.

I will probably not post in the interim. (I will try not to, anyway.) I’d like to not even check email but sadly with everything that’s happening that’s not a possibility. But I look forward to returning home tanned (or as tanned as one can get in New England in June, with SPF 45) rested, and ready to tell you all about it.

talk to you soon….