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Today, if all goes well, I will leave the house. For the first time since Friday. (And by well, I mean that I don’t need to take a 10:30 am nap because I am full-out exhausted.) I had mono in high school, and it was like this. But you can’t have that twice. I don’t think.

Anyway, enough sick talk. I’m sick of it. (Ha-ha! Invalid humor.) I talked on the phone to the producer of The Movie the other day, and he says shooting is going really well. Apparently, according to Mandy Moore, there was some issue with her hair, however. Click here to hear about that straight from her. (I must admit a slight addiction to her fansite.)
They’re shooting through the middle of August, and it looks promising that I might get up there at some point. Still keeping those fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I was very happy to walk into my local Borders the other day to see This Lullaby displayed right up front: it’s been picked as part of their Original Voices series for the month of July. I think they pick eight YA books, and then pick one from all of them as winner, or something. I’m just glad to get good placement. I think the people at Borders all know who I am now, have seen me stalking around the YA section. So pathetic, I am.

And best of all, tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which means cookouts, and hanging out with friends, and fireworks (actually, not fireworks, because we’re in a big-time drought here and even one bottlerocket would probably ignite the whole damn state). I am especially looking forward to going to my best friend Bianca’s, because she is making her trademark ham biscuit appetizers. They are SO GOOD. (You know what I’m bringing: it goes without saying.)

So that’s that. For now. I’m feeling somewhat energetic, but then again, it isn’t 10:30 yet . Wait and see, Wait and see….