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It is going to be a hundred degrees here today.


Makes it hard to feel motivated to go anywhere. But I’m SICK of sitting in this house. Yesterday I had two big outings: to Best Buy, and to Bianca’s. At Best Buy, I bought three DVDs: Planes, Trains and Automobiles (to add to my husband’s John Candy collection), Never Been Kissed, and, for a mere $5.99, Boys on the Side, which I watched yesterday while making devilled eggs. So much fun.

At Bianca’s, we celebrated the Fourth. Here’s Bianca, eating one of her famous ham biscuit appetizers (I ate three. Or four. I lost count):

Those of you who have read Someone Like You probably recognize Bianca’s name, as it is dedicated to her. She’s been my best friend since the night of the ninth grade prom. (Long story. But then, all of our stories are long. It’s just how we are.)

Now I’m off to try to get some things done before it becomes too damn hot to move. But before I go, a last shot of those biscuits: