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A request to anyone reading this in the UK: if you happen to be out and about, by a newstand, anytime soon, will you look for the July issue of J17 magazine? Supposedly a copy of the UK edition of Keeping the Moon (they call it Last Chance) is being “covermounted” (whatever that means) with this months issue. I’m just wondering what it looks like. The thought of my book going out to that many people is a little overwhelming….but in a good way. I think.

Meanwhile, life is pleasantly dull here. Last night I watched this really bad movie on HBO about arson with Ray Liotta. It was one of those where the tone keeps shifting every few minutes, so that by the end you have no idea what kind of movie it was supposed to be. So frustrating. But I guess that’s what I get for casting my lot with cable programming on a Friday night. I should know better. Maybe this means I should go DVD shopping?

*remembers current Visa balance*

maybe not.