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find out yours, from your dear friend emily.

Actually, I think my inner shoe is the Steve Madden Slinky, size 7, black. I just ordered another pair, since the one I bought in May is already looking ragged. I am hard on shoes. And I love the thwack-thwack noise they made, although my husband wishes he didn’t always have to hear me when I walk. Too bad for him.


It looks like the revamp of my website should be done by the end of the week. We’re shuffling things around, adding a page for The Movie, all that. Plus I posted a new dog picture, since, well, life goes on. I’ll put a link here as soon as it’s all up.

Meanwhile ,A Walk To Remember comes out on video today. I’m thinking I should rent it for research. I’ve only seen Mandy Moore in The Princess Diaries and I figure I need to see what else she’s done. It’s a weeper, I hear. I’ll brace myself.

(You know, Nicholas Sparks, who wrote a Walk to Remember, is technically a North Carolina Writer. He’s from New Bern. I think. Ah, trivia…)