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Lots of stuff to pass on today.

First, we’ve done a little bit of an overhaul to my website, adding some stuff and combining others. Now we have a page called The Movie (click here to check it out) which has the links I’ve been sent so far about How to Deal, as well as a little synopsis how everything happened thus far.

(I love using the word thus. Also hence. I’m not sure why.)

We’ve also changed the link to this livejournal so it’s clearer what it is, exactly, and updated the picture of my dogs on the bio, as well as anything new that’s happened with the books since the site went up last summer. So there you have it. It is now current. For the time being, at least.

Meanwhile, a reader was kind enough to send me some pictures that had been posted on the Mandy Moore message board by one of her fans who had been to visit the set in Toronto. We get to see Mandy as Halley…so exciting. Check it out here.

In other news, I finally got a laptop yesterday. Which means that the next time I travel I can not only check my email (which is a bad habit only getting worse) but also watch DVDs anywhere I want. Oh, my. Talk about heaven.

I just looked at my clock and it’s barely eight a.m. What am I doing up so early? I used to sleep until at least nine. (But that was, wait, years ago.) Maybe I should go back to bed. No. Coffee is better…