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Feeling a little nostalgic today.

I saw in the paper that Hot Diggety Days, the annual summer sale at our local mall, is happening this weekend. Which brought me back, back, to a summer long ago, when I was working at Stride Rite Bootery the summer after high school graduation and I got fired during the very same sale.

Ah, yes. Memories.

I didn’t throw a shoe, however, like Haven. I just left crying. That’s the nice thing about writing: you can make the ending the way you WISH it had been and over time you can almost convince yourself that’s the way it actually happened. Outside the writing world, this is called denial. But here, we’ll just say it’s art.


I worked at Stride Rite for almost a year. It was terrible, except for this really cool guy I worked with named James A. Blake. He was in college and I bet he’s a doctor or something right now. The worst part of Stride Rite was that all the shoes were really expensive and the parents of the kids that came in always acted like I was personally responsible for ripping them off (I wasn’t). Plus we had to push socks all the time. I mean, who buys socks at the shoe store? Nobody. Trust me.

I got fired because my boss, this very old man, was piling his hours on everyone else and I asked him if I could, at some point, discuss my schedule. He started yelling at me, I freaked, I left, I was fired or I quit, it wasn’t exactly clear. End of story.

Ah, yes. Memories.

Sorry for the Friday morning rant. I do feel better now, though…..