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I’m back.


Yesterday, I had my very own version of that great movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Except mine was Planes, Buses, and Automobiles. It all started at about 7:15 at the bus station, from where I bumped into Boston, with someone snoring loudly in the seat behind me. Then it was onto Philidelphia, but only after our plane boarding was held up by some Italian guy in front of me in line making terrorist jokes. (“They’re so strict here!” he complained later on the plane, after they jerked him aside and spot searched him AND all his carry-ons.) Once in Philidelphia, I did the airport dash to my gate, where my plane to RDU was already boarding. Finally, finally we landed (literally with a bang: when we hit the runway, everyone shrieked, it was that hard) and my wonderful husband picked me up at the terminal. Then we got stuck in a huge traffic jam.

But finally, finally, I got home. And the dogs were waiting. So wonderful. (My puppy I think has doubled in size in my absence.)

What can I say? It was a great trip. Toronto was amazing: I mean, when did I ever think I’d get to meet Mandy Moore? Of course, there WAS a lot of sitting around. But I got to see them shooting a big wedding scene (and I was almost an extra: can you believe it didn’t work out? I was so bummed) as well as a hospital scene and a bunch of stuff at Halley’s house, including a scene between Lewis and Ashley from That Summer that was almost verbatim from the book. So weird to hear a line I wrote being spoken on camera. Bizarre!

I got to meet Peter Gallagher. I rode in a minivan with him and Allison Janney. You should have seen me trying to act all blase, Iike I do things like that all the time.

I made some friends, too, which is always nice when you are away from home. I think I really lucked out: everyone on this set was so nice. (I was told by one of the actors that this is NOT always the case.)

I am more excited about the movie than ever now. And I DO have a couple of pictures, but my camera is acting up. I’ll do my best to get them up soon.

Then it was on to Cape Cod, where I spent a lot of time catching up with family, as well as squeezing in a few bookstore gigs. I ate about a gallon of clam chowder (which is required, as far as I am concerned, with every meal) and now I seriously need to hit the treadmill. No joke.

It is nice to be home, though. The last day I was on the Cape I sat on the beach reading A Prayer For Owen Meany (which I finished on the plane, and yes, it made me cry, AGAIN) and the water was blue and sparkling and everything was quiet and it was, well, nice. But coming back here, and sleeping in my own bed, was even nicer.

Today, however, there’s stuff to do. I just finished answering about fifteen emails, and I have to go to the grocery store, since all we seem to have in the fridge is a really good pie (thanks, B!) and some cherries. Plus the dogs need new beds. So much for Hollywood. This is the real world…..