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Today, I want to thank everyone from The Brewster Book Store and The Eight Cousins Bookshop , as well as The Falmouth Public Library, who were kind enough to invite me to speak last week. It is always really cool to go to other bookstores than my locals here in NC, and it was an added plus that there were actually a few folks at both stores on the Cape that had read my books or at least had heard of them. (My event at the library was great as well, especially because so much of my family showed up. If you didn’t know better, you’d think I drew a huge crowd…although most of them were relatives. Still! I am not complaining.)

Here’s a nice shot from Eight Cousins, courtesy of the kind folks there:

Although I think I look sort of slouchy in the picture. I don’t photograph well, never have…you should see the picture I have of me and Mandy Moore (which I am still trying to extract from my digital camera, long story) in which she looks, well, so glamourous and I look, well, somewhat toad-like. It’s really depressing, actually. I’m trying not to dwell on it.

Anyway! It’s going to be 105 with the head index today. Joy! Joy!

I’m going to drink some ice water….