Well, hello there.

So it’s been awhile, huh? Actually, if you follow me on Twitter it probably doesn’t seem like it at all, as I can’t seem to stay AWAY from that medium, despite what it does to my blood pressure these days. But here on the blog, as well as my Facebook page—where I swore the publicity and marketing people at Penguin I would start posting more and I MEANT IT I SWEAR—I’ve been kind of scarce. What can I say? Busy fall. Election results were rough for me. (Maybe not for you, which is fine, but for me, rough is a BIT of an understatement. But I digress.) But now it is (almost) March, and my latest book will be out in less than four months. YIKES!

Just a reminder: it’s called ONCE AND FOR ALL, it’s set in the world of wedding planning (I love a wedding!) and it’s my thirteenth book. THIRTEEN, you guys. My collection of novels is now a teenager. Again: Yikes.

If you want to read an excerpt from ONCE AND FOR ALL, check out the book page on this site. Right now that’s all I have up there, as we JUST revamped the website, but more is coming. I was recently in New York for a super fun marketing and publicity meeting (where I promised to attend to my Facebook page more, UGH I need to get on that). Penguin has SO much cool stuff planned, including a tour, and I’ll put up all that info as soon as I have it. For now, I have to sign my name 6000 times on tip-in sheets before the end of March, so I am limbering up my wrist and getting ready to watch a LOT of Bravo. I’m excited.

In other news….well, what can I say? We got rid of our chickens (which was bittersweet) so my husband could focus on his new lizard breeding business (yes, you did read that right). My kid is in third grade and drags books around with her Hermione Granger-style, which just makes me so proud. I broke my kneecap back in July and it’s STILL not back to normal. (Note: I am old.) I have learned how to make pizza dough in my standing mixer. I’m obsessed with the Avett Brothers, and especially their song “True Sadness.” And right now, my dogs are barking so loudly I can barely focus to write this. Things change, things stay the same.

Anyway. That’s the news from here, what there is of it. Thanks for reading, and following me if you DO in other places, whether they be the one where I am drowning you in my anxiety about the world or those where I am trying to only post snack or dogs photo. It’s a balance?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. Of course my dogs stopped barking as soon as I hit PUBLISH on this post. Sigh.

P.P.S. I’m not a particularly religious person, but as I said, I love the Avetts and this quote has been helpful lately. Plus, sunrise!