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You know, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it now: I feel for Britney. I mean, really, think about it: one minute the media loves you, you’re everywhere, you can do no wrong, and the next you and your boyfriend break up, your parents split, the teeny-bopper thing is done and everyone turns on you with the viciousness of a pack of wolverines. Give the girl a break, for God’s sake.

That weird period from 18-20 is hard enough without everyone making fun of you in the papers. I mean, I flipped out at 19. It’s almost required. Please.

(I was, however, a little startled by the way at the end of the above article she referred herself in the third person. That’s always kind of a bad sign, isn’t it?)


In other news, I found some more pictures of Trent Ford, who is playing Macon in How to Deal. Check out the official site for Slap Her She’s French (talk about interesting titles). If you click on Classmates, then on the picture of the guy third over from the left, there are some pictures. Having met him in person, however (snark!) I don’t think they do him justice. Just my opinion…