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I went down to my office yesterday, for the first time in over a month.

School starts soon. *sigh*

I know I’ll be excited once it gets closer. I’m still sort of a nerd about school starting. I like buying new pens, and notepads, and that jumpy kind of feeling I get when I walk into a classroom full of students on the first day, with no idea of what to expect. (Other than the fact that every year, without fail, they look younger and younger, while I keep getting older. Why IS that?)

But for now, it just means the end of the summer, and I love summer. LOVE IT. Even on a day like today, the third in a row where the temperature will go over 100. I like the peace and quiet of it, knowing I can just sort of turn off the phone and write and disappear. Which is harder to do when I have an additional 35 people needing things from me on a weekly basis.

I do love my students. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve just always been sad when summer ended, even when I was a student myself. But I guess that’s what makes summer so great anyway, is that it only lasts for a few months. If I was always in this mindset I’d take it for granted. Maybe.

Meanwhile, life is going on. I know that everyone here is probably sick of my Mandy Moore reports, but I have been told that she is in the September issue of Teen People. I have also been told that my name is mentioned, as are the titles of the books How to Deal is based on. Joy! I have to go find it, maybe if I venture out today. We’ll see what the heat index is, and go from there.

stay cool, everyone….