ONCE AND FOR ALL TOUR continues this week!

Whew! That’s about all I can say after a GREAT week in NYC and the surrounding area doing the launch and events for ONCE AND FOR ALL. I stayed in a hotel for a full week—I love New York, but my country mouse self had a hard time with all the sirens and noise—and met SO many amazing readers. Then it was to Fairfax, VA for a quick stop and LOVELY time, then home to Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, which was like Old Home Week. Y’all, I have missed that twang.

Tomorrow, I am off AGAIN to Texas and the Bay Area. Then back here to my hometown bookstore, Flyleaf, where I will most likely be giddy and slap-happy, so there’s no telling what I will say or do. You have been warned, Chapel Hill.

Here are the remaining dates:


Tuesday, July 25th at 4pm 

Eight Cousins Books (Falmouth, MA)


If you miss me at these, I’ll be doing some more stuff in the fall, including festivals. Once I get a nap. Or ten.


Have a great day, everyone!