Today, my horoscope is telling me to relax.

(Like I don’t hear that from everyone else in my life on a regular basis already. Telling me to relax is like telling the wind not to blow. Total waste of time.)

Anyway. This weekend was a big one for me and magazines. First, I picked up the Teen People for September and saw my name in print. So totally exciting. Now if I can just get in Entertainment Weekly, I can die happy.

Also, my wonderful editor sent along a copy of J17 Magazine from the UK with the promotional copy of Keeping the Moon (which they’re calling Last Chance) attached. It’s very cool, all wrapped in plastic, and it says FREE BOOK! The Summer Love Story. I so want to read J17, but I think I need to keep the whole thing intact, wrapped and all, for posterity’s sake. Still, it’s tempting. There’s something about getting into some guy named Gareth’s pants. Apparently they guarantee something about Gareth every issue. Who is this person? I’m wondering.

Other than that, it’s Monday and I need to be working. I only have two weeks before school starts! Must.Go.Write.

Have a good day….