Last night I watched The Anna Nicole Show. And I have to say: it was disturbing.

Now, I watched The Osbournes. Loved The Osbournes. And sure, Ozzy was a little bit out of it from time to time, but at least he seemed slightly coherent. Anna Nicole is just….god….she’s kind of sad. I mean, is it just me or did she seem totally on painkillers or drunk? All that slurring. And falling down. Again, with The Osbournes you knew that Sharon Osbourne was in control of things, so Ozzy could be a joke every once in awhile. She wouldn’t let him be shown in THAT bad of a light because she’s protective of his image. But obviously nobody cares much about that for Anna Nicole, especially E!, which seems giddily excited to show her in the worst way possible.

Honestly, it made me uncomfortable. Ugh. It’s like watching a trainwreck or something.

Maybe I’m just cranky. (It’s entirely possible.) I have that stir-crazy, end-of-summer, too-much-stuff-coming-up feeling. I think I need to get out of the house for awhile. Is it time for fall clothes yet?

I wonder….