I know it’s so dinky but I get intrigued when I see people discussing my books on Mandy Moore’s boards. But to be honest, I get excited whenever I have real proof that anyone is reading my books. For so long I think the only people that were buying them were my extended family and my friends. So this is a nice change.

(My mother called yesterday to tell me that they restocked the flip book of Someone Like You/Keeping the Moon at Super Stop and Shop. “Three more!” she said, which is great, but we did buy TWO already. So it’s hard to really gauge sales. I love my mother, by the way.)

In other news, last night I got some good fun TV in. I went to my best friend Bianca’s house and we watched the last episode of “Frontier House” as well as that new 30 Second Talent Show thing on Fox. I was going to stay for American Idol but then I got tired. So lame. It was 9:15!

Today I am thinking about playing hooky from writing and going to see the new Austin Powers. Popcorn sounds good, too…..