Who's Your Josie & The Pussycats Alter-ego?
Who’s Your Josie Alter-ego?

I loved that movie. I know everyone else hated it (i.e. the critics) but you know what, they Just Didn’t Get It. It was awesome.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen two movies in the last week. Austin Powers was just what I expected: funny, fast, and full of celeb cameos. Plus I had popcorn, which I hadn’t had in ages since I never seem to get to movies anymore. I went to an 11am show: there were five of us there, I think. I was happy.

Then today, me and the hubster saw Signs (Also at 11am. We’re morning people! My husband thinks they should have a 9am movie. That, he claims, would be just perfect for him: he gets up at 5 every day. But I digress.)

Signs was really strange. I mean, I felt strange watching it, creeped out, all the way through. I’m not into spoilers so I won’t go into detail but there’s something odd about it that made me think about 9-11, this whole watching-the-world-uncertainly-through-TV thing. Bizarre. Plus it was SAD at times, wholly unexpected from that kind of movie. We spent the entire ride home talking about it and what certain things meant, though, which to me is a sign (sorry) of a good movie. Most I’ve seen lately leave my head the minute I walk out into the daylight. True of too many books lately, as well…but there are some I love out there.

which literary heroine are you?
Which Literary Heroine Are You?

Yes! Finally. The proof I’ve been waiting for……