Have to take a minute this Monday morning to think good thoughts for Jason Priestley, who was in a car crash yesterday. I am a 90210 girl from way back, although anyone who knows me will remember that it was always Dylan McKay I liked the most.

(I even had a Luke Perry poster. On my wall. When I was in college. And living with my now-husband. Isn’t that sad????)

Still, I am feeling for our Brandon today. Hope he’s okay.

Meanwhile, here’s a little commentary on the way the world works. Do with it what you will. This morning I had to pick up my husband at the car dealership, where he dropped his truck to get fixed. I said to him, as we were driving, “Did you hear that Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage got married this weekend?” He said yes. I said, “Did you hear the Golden Gate Bridge is under a serious terrorist threat?” He said no, he hadn’t heard that on the news. Just the Lisa Marie thing.

It is times like this that you realize that the media is a little bit off. I mean, really. But then again, I am news-saturated. I listen to NPR when I wake up in the morning, GMA while I eat breakfast, then I come up here and check news websites. I know more by 9am than most people bother to find out all day. No wonder I’m a nervous wreck.

Anyway. Have a good day…..