Writing Exercise!

Hi Everyone!

Okay, it’s been awhile since I posted much, well, anywhere. And today we woke to a tornado warning at 6:30am and all ran to the closet to take shelter.  (All is well.) What can I say, these are extraordinary times.

Anyway, I’m stuck at home, like all of you, so I decided to try a writing exercise. This is one I used to do with my creative writing students at UNC, back in the day. (It’s from a great book called WHAT IF, by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter.) First off: you can totally see my bra strap like, the entire time. Whoops! Also we had to stop the video on one attempt and start over completely when I blanked on spelling “prodigy.” (But look! I just did it, right there!) But this exercise is easy and fun and I’ve done it with everyone from kindergarteners to senior citizens. And telling someone else’s story is often a lot more fun than thinking about your own. Take it from me.

Sending love to everyone. Stay safe, check on your friends. Try and be kind. We’ll get through this.