Need something to read?

Okay, so we’re still stuck at home, and the news continues to be hard to take. But can we talk for a second about the sheer HEFT of the new bind up of the Moon and More and Just Listen?




This, friends, is a brick of a book. You can throw it and do damage. (Not recommended or encouraged.) It’s about the size of the Norton Anthology of Literature I carried around in college, although that had very thin pages and was held together with duct tape. This book, though, is STRONG. It will not need to be repaired. If anything, it will stay with you always, unmovable and unfixed. (Not a guarantee.) So if you need something to get you through this crazy time and haven’t read these, now’s your chance. If you’re craving summer, The Moon and More is set at the beach. Missing school? Just Listen starts in the fall. And if nothing else, you can use it to prop something up or maybe as a small side table. It’s all good.

Stay safe and take care,