So: I’m back from the mountains. And it was a bit of a humbling experience.

I’ve done readings before where nobody shows up…I mean, other than my husband, or my mother-in-law, or my friends. But it’s a little worse when you drive three hours and are reading at a community center and five minutes before the thing is supposed to start, there are three people there (including the woman who organized the event). Oh, the shame. My goodness.

Which is why I have to take a second to recognize Paige and Emily, who walked in right at seven and pretty much made my night. They’d read my books and asked questions and made me feel much less pathetic. So thanks, guys. I owe you one.

The six of us sat in a semi-circle and I read and questions were asked it and it was more like an encounter group than a reading but whatever. Live and learn. Plus, Boone was beautiful, and the people who owned the B & B where I stayed were totally cool: they had this little dog named Ray who I fell in love with and whose picture I intend to post as soon as I figure out why my FTP program isn’t working. (Ah, technology.)

So now I am home for awhile and I am glad. This morning I piled the dogs in the car and went for a drive. It was really early and the sun was coming up over all the cornfields out here, and the cows, and everything smelled cool and wet from the rain last night. My dogs were panting in the backseat and the wind was whipping all over the place and life was good. I mean, really.

Have to take those moments, when they come….